December 5, 2022

The Ford Mustang was once America’s favorite sports car for 50 straight years and has always had success in the United States since its release, but as more automakers started releasing performance cars the mustang started to fall behind when it wasn’t going in a straight line. With the current generation the 2020 S550 Mustang, Ford finally decided to focus on producing a more complete car by greatly improving the suspension and comfort of the Mustang. Past generation Mustangs may still have certain advantages when it comes to drag racing but as a whole, that’s all Mustangs have been really recognized for. The S550 Mustang is trying to finally break these barriers and has finally matured enough to compete with some of Europe’s best. After spending a couple of days with a 2020 Mustang GT with Ford’s level 2 performance package equipped I have changed my view and in these current generations, the Mustang has shown me enough that I will put this year’s Mustang GT Over the Camaro SS.     


GT Fastback                                        $35,880

GT Premium Fastback                       $39,880

Horsepower, MPG, Transmission

5.0-liter v8 direct injection Coyote motor 

460 hp

420 lb-ft of torque

16 city/ 25 highway

six-speed manual or an optional 10-speed automatic available.

Color Options

Exterior (extra)

Shadow Black, Grabber Lime, Oxford White, Velocity Blue, Iconic Silver, Magnetic, Race Red, Rapid Red (395), Kona Blue, Twister Orange ($495)

Racing stripes

Ebony Racing Stripe ($475), White Racing Stripe ($475)

Add $475


The first generation 5.0 Coyote motor has been around since 2011 and car enthusiasts have done nothing but rave over how great this motor truly is. The new 5.0 motor was named Coyote after a 1960’s race car that AJ Foyt had driven. The first 4 valve v8 Ford manufactured was used in his car and when suggested to use as the engine name it stuck with Ford. From the factory, The 2020 Mustang GT gets Ford’s 3rd generation 5.0 Coyote v8 motor that has a slightly bigger bore and higher compression than the previous generation Coyotes. The 3rd generation Coyote puts down 460 horsepower and has 420 lb-ft of torque.  If you go with Ford’s standard 6 speed manual transmission track times won’t be as consistent and will be looking at a zero to sixty in 4.2 seconds and get through a quarter-mile in around an unimpressive 12.8. I know most car enthusiasts want a manual to have more control over cars like this, but the 10R80 10-Speed Automatic Transmission is just too advanced not to praise it as the more superior transmission. When comparing the new automatic transmission to what the Mustang once used it is an eight-tenths of a second faster. The transmission was co-developed with Chevrolet and is the fastest shifting transmission that has ever been used in a Mustang and I’m really loving how responsive it is even without using the paddle shifters. I enjoyed the power staying consistent and not dropping off like it does when using the manual transmission. The 2020 Mustang GT in automatic form can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds and get down the quarter-mile in 11.8 at 120mph so I think its time for a lot of people to put their pride aside and appreciate how much the automatic transmission has advanced over the years. Most of the time I felt like the transmission was in the correct gear so I barely even saw any need to even use the paddle shifters.  Companies like National speed and Hellion have forced induction systems For that dyno a stock Coyote motor right over 1,000 horsepower. Of course, it has supporting mods but that’s amazing when most people think the motor is only good for 800 horsepower.


GT Performance Package ($5,195)

•19-inch x 9-inch (F) 19-inch x 9.5-inch ® Ebony Black-painted aluminum wheels

•255/40R19 (F) 275/40R19 ® summer-only tires

•Brembo™ six-piston front brake calipers with large rotors

•Engine-spun aluminum instrument panel

•Gauge pack (oil pressure and vacuum)

•Heavy-duty front springs


•Large radiator

•Performance rear wing (fastback only)

•Spoiler delete (convertible only)

•Strut-tower brace

•TORSEN® differential with 3.73 axle ratio (manual)

•TORSEN differential with 3.55 axle ratio (automatic)

•Unique chassis tuning

•Unique EPAS, ABS, and stability control tuning

•Upsized rear sway bar

Performance Package – Level 2 ($6,500)

The Performance Package 2 is available on the Mustang GT Fastback and includes:

•19-inch x 10.5-inch (F) 19-inch x 11-inch ® dark tarnish-painted aluminum wheels

•Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires (summer only)

•Brembo six-piston front brake calipers with larger rotors

•Engine-spun aluminum instrument panel

•Gauge Pack (vacuum and oil pressure)

•High-performance front splitter


•Large radiator

•MagneRide® Damping System with track-inspired calibration

•Strut tower brace

•Unique rear spoiler

•Unique track-inspired chassis, stability control, EPAS, and ABS tuning

•Unique track-inspired springs and sway bar


Growing up working for European automotive dealerships I was pretty spoiled when it came to being in vehicles that rode really well and the Mustang’s suspension has always been a complaint I have had with the Mustang. With the S550 Mustang it has finally come to an end and Ford finally went all in and released the Mustang with independent rear suspension. The 03- 04 Ford Mustang Cobra known as the Terminator was actually the first, but it was only sold in very limited numbers. The 2020 Mustang GT features a double-pivot MacPherson strut front suspension that has helped Ford close the gap on European automakers when it comes to Handling. The 2020 Mustang GT has also added Magneride suspension which takes comfort and performance to the next level. This is an active suspension that adjusts to the current driving conditions. The technology is a liquid blend of iron and oil in the dampers that alter the density by magnetic fields. All of this is controlled by your vehicle’s computer within a blink of an eye. The only negative thing I will say about the suspension is when the suspension was in its stiffer settings there were times I heard some interior noises but hey, It looks great, handles great, and goes fast and that’s enough of an improvement for me. The Mustang GT gets around the famous Nürburgring in 8:07. Which is right in between the 2005 dodge viper and the 1995 R33 Nissan Skyline GTR which is impressive. There are three different modes you can select to drive which are Normal, Sport, and Comfort. The steering wheel and suspension will firm up and become more responsive depending on what mode you have your vehicle in which is great to not have to deal with unnecessary firmness when not needed.

Fuel economy

The 2020 Mustang GT doesn’t disappoint me in the fuel economy department. It gets what a typical performance V8 would get these days and is comparable with the Camaro SS getting 15 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

Safety features 

  • Available lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist
  • Available blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert
  • Available forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking


After spending most of the day in the 2020 Mustang GT with the Level 2 performance package I found myself constantly complimenting what Ford has done with the interior. Ford has come a long way compared to when I had my 2002 Mustang GT. From the simulated leather armrest on the door, contrast stitching throughout the cabin as well as placing silver accents throughout the cabin makes me appreciate how much Ford has truly grown up with their interior design.  I felt like it was the most appealing interior when comparing the Mustang to rivals. The seats feel great if you’re slim, but if you have a wider frame the bolstering can be uncomfortable. It still has some of the vintage Mustang characteristics with a more modern twist to it. The storage space isn’t bad for a sports car and has more when compared to the Chevy Camaro. The center console is nice and deep with the bottom being rubberized. The rear seats fold easily by just pulling a strap and has the most storage space when compared to rivals. Like all mustangs don’t expect to fit adults comfortably in the rear because the fastback shape makes the head room an issue.     

infotainment/ technology controls

The Mustang GT  has a great selection of features and seems to come with all the technology I would ever need from a sports car. Ford didn’t just focus on the performance, they took the time to address the comfort of the Mustang as well by including Ford Sync Connect which comes standard in all GT trim levels and allows you to use an app to control some of the vehicle’s features. 4G LTE mobile and Wi-Fi hotspots are available too which helps keep all your devices connected. The infotainment is responsive and has a clean design, but being in 2020 I wish Ford should have had the 8-inch display as standard while offering a larger option. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay is available which easily integrates your smartphone features and apps to your infotainment. Taking a call, listening to Spotify, and using Google Maps to navigate is very simple and makes traveling a little more enjoyable.  ventilated and heated seats which come in handy no matter what climate is thrown at you. The Model I tested came equipped with a 12.4″ Ford Mustang’s Digital Gauge Cluster and I think it’s amazing. You have the ability to Customize the information on the gauge as well as the color of your digital cluster. Within the five driving modes the Mustang has to offer You can have each mode Customized to your liking.


  • Limited warranty covers 3 years or 36,000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty covers 5 years or 60,000 miles
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