December 5, 2022

To the MK4 fanbois that complain about the MK5 Supra isn’t a true supra. Please stop it right now and appreciate! Appreciate that Toyota has brought back a performance car that was made with the intention of giving the buyer a plethora of customization and aftermarket support. Toyota has set up the future of the Supra giving its buyers the ability to make the MK5 supra a track machine. With that being said why wouldn’t that make any real car enthusiast that has any knowledge on these cars excited for the future? The 2021 Toyota Supra has made some pretty drastic changes for the Supra only being released for one year from a refined motor and already upgraded the chassis.


Supra 2.0: $40,000 (est.)

Supra 3.0: $52,000 (est.)

Supra 3.0 Premium: $55,000 (est.)

Supra A91 Edition: $57,000 (est.)

Horsepower and MPG

3.0L Turbocharged  Inline 6 (B58) 382-hp and 368-lb-ft

24 city 31 highway MPG

2.0-liter turbo-four (B48B20)) 255 hp and 295 lb-ft

Fuel economy N/A at the moment

Color Options




New 2.0 turbo Motor

This year Toyota added a 2.0 four-cylinder turbo motor as the base model that produces 255 hp and 295 lb-ft with nearly a 50:50 weight distribution.  I think this is a great idea to attract a wider range of buyers due to some people may wanting the Supra for the looks and not necessary for the power and it weighs 200 pounds less than its inline 6 version. There’s a lot of people that have complained about Toyota not using the 20-year-old legendary 2JZ-GTE motor. Toyota has mentioned the 4 cylinder motor is the best candidate to go about swapping motors since going with the four-cylinder model will save you money. Compared to the inline-six motor the four-cylinder version doesn’t perform as well and doesn’t give you the crackles when you’re in sport mode like the inline 6 motors, but it’s still a great drive and a step up compared to the Toyota 86. The 2.0 Turbo Supra is equipped with a twin-scroll turbo and direct injection just like the 3.0 version making this the second-fastest Toyota model in their lineup

3.0 inline 6 turbo motor 

Toyota ended up making some revisions to the BMW B58 motor which includes a

Revised head with a new 6 port exhaust manifold instead of the six into two design the previous year had. The block has been tweaked compared to the 2020 version. The piston’s compression has been lowered from 11:1 to 10.2:1 and a different twin-scroll turbo has been mounted which Toyota has claimed the Supra to have 382hp, but people have dynoed their Supras at 388 horsepower to the wheels making the Supra yet again underrated from the factory and really producing around 450hp!. Both 2021 Supras are mated to an eight-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission like the previous years and I’m sure that will leave the manual transmission lovers disappointed yet again.  Don’t lose hope just yet because Toyota has hinted and I believe in later generations a six-speed manual transmission will be an option sooner or later. The 2020 and the 2021 Supra feels very identical when accelerating, but the 2021 Supra starts to shine above 5k RPMs. With the new supra not being out too long many are running high 9 second quarter miles at over 130 MPH with minimal mods such as a tune, drag radial tires, and nitrous. If you’re more of a road course person the Supra has a Nurburgring time of 7:52.17 in stock form making it quicker around the track than the BMW M2 Competition and its very similar counterpart BMW Z4 M40i.


Toyota has made quite a few changes to not only the motor but the suspension as well. My biggest complaint about the 2020 Supra was when driving the steering wheel had a lot of play when driving straight. In my opinion as well as other owners the steering wheel has a dead spot to where you could move the steering wheel slightly left the right and there not be any type of response. With the 2021 Supra Toyota seems to have fixed this issue making the steering solid. Toyota also beefed up the chassis by added chassis bracing, making the suspension produce less body roll. An active differential is added and while driving I didn’t notice a difference on the streets, but I’m sure at the track it will come in handy putting the power down to the ground. The Supra equipped with the 2.0 motor does not have the Active Differential and Adaptive Suspension like the 3.0 version

Fuel economy

The 2021 Supra has gotten a power increase and with that, the fuel economy has suffered from 25 city 32 highway MPG to 22 mpg city 30 mpg highway. This is still a great fuel economy especially when it competes with v8 sports cars that get closer to 20mpg on average. The 4 cylinder versions fuel economy isn’t available at this time.

Interior/ infotainment

All Supras now come with an 8.8-inch display which is basically BMW’s iDrive that’s reskinned for the Supra. The software is very responsive, but I personally think the display should be brighter and they need to add not just Apple Car Play, but also Android Auto. Throughout the cabin you do get a BMW feel to the vehicle and regardless of what people have been saying lately why is that such a bad thing. BMW’s interiors are superior to Toyotas so I really don’t see what’s the big deal about this outcry. The paddle shifters, carbon fiber trim, inside door handle, and some buttons and knobs are the same exact pieces you get in the M8 Competition which is a $146,000 car. The seats are beautiful, but if you’re a larger person they may be a little too narrow and stiff.

The interiors are very similar, yet the 2.0 model is a little more stripped down and lacks some features that the 3.0 version has. In the base model 2.0 liter Supra you only have the ability to adjust your seat position manually instead of 14-way power-adjustable which comes standard in the 3.0.   the standard audio system is limited to 4 speakers while the 3.0 comes with a 10 speaker system. There’s an upgraded version available with the Safety and Technology Package which is a 12-speaker 500-watt JBL Audio System which if they would remove the synthetic engine noises in the speakers would sound great, but the fake engine noises honestly annoy people more than anything. I also love that Toyota included a wireless charging section to charge your phone as well as a USB and 12v outlet. In my opinion, the interior is a bit plain and lacks color so hopefully, Toyota releases some more interior options.


Basic Warranty

36 months/36,000 miles


60 months/60,000 miles

Corrosion Perforation

60 months/unlimited miles

Restraint Systems

60 months/60,000 miles

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