December 5, 2022

There are a plethora of interior cleaners out on the market which ranges from a couple of dollars to over twenty dollars.  Depending on which product you pick may have an effect on how well your interior ages, as well as germs present. Here are some great automotive interior products we at FastsMint think you should try. 

Best interior cleaner

Car Guys Super Cleaner

Many people may have different choices when it comes to Interior cleaners. Some cheaper cleaners tend to do a decent job, but we put interior cleaners through a test to see how well it worked with an extremely dirty car, and Car Guys Super Cleaner just got the job done easier than its competitors. With Car Guys Super Cleaner you don’t have to get cleaners for specific parts of your vehicle because this is good enough to be an all in one cleaner.


  • Non-greasy
  • Easily lifts away dirt and stains  
  • Cleans multiple surfaces

Best interior Dressing

Chemical Guys Black On Black Instant Shine Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing

I typically use tire shine or gel to clean my tires and ran across Chemical Guys Black on Black Interior and exterior spray dressing and saw you can dress the interior as well as your tires. The shine it gives on your tires isn’t as good as tire gel, but it’s a great back up for when you run out. This product really excels in restoring black interior by giving it that new shine that your interior once had. Not only does it work on the interior you can also use it on black plastic exterior pieces that may look to be faded    


  • Instantly restore new black shine to trim pieces and tires
  • Non-greasy formula finishes 100% dry to the touch
  • Aerosol product covers any hard to reach piece
  • Anti-stick UV all-weather protection
  • Not to be used on rubber

Best carpet cleaner

Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

I have been using Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose foam cleaner for quite some time on my carpet and this stuff works amazingly on vinyl and fabric upholstery, floor mats, carpets, and chrome. This product isn’t just good for automotive needs, It can also be used for    bathroom fixtures, asphalt or ceramic tile painted walls


  • Powerful multi-purpose foam cleaner
  • Deep cleaning foaming action lifts dirt, helps restore true color
  • Works great on your car’s fabric and vinyl upholstery, floor mats, and carpets
  • Great for auto, boat and home use
  • Works on many washable surfaces including painted walls, fixtures, tile, and more.
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