September 25, 2021

Best Interior cleaners

There are a plethora of interior cleaners out on the market which ranges from a couple of dollars to over twenty dollars.  Depending on which product you pick may have an effect on how well your interior ages, as well as germs present. Here are some great automotive interior products we at FastsMint think you […]

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Track Seats

Most that follow FastMint are more than likely car enthusiasts and maybe some are looking to upgrade their stock seats to racing seats. Upgrading your vehicle’s seats help give your interior more character, increase safety, and definitely improves your driving experience. Depending on what type of enthusiast you are may depict what seats you may […]

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Great head units at different price points

Christmas has passed and everyone has treated their loved ones with gifts. You may have gotten a gift card or money as presents and some of you may be in the market to upgrade your head unit. Here are three of the best receivers at different price points that may interest you.    Pioneer AVH-220EX DVD […]

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