December 7, 2022

Houston Auto Show 2022: Part 2

The Houston Auto Show ended a couple of weeks ago at NRG Center. We gave you Part 1 of our coverage and as promised here is Part 2 of the 2022 Houston Autoshow. Enjoy!

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The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V is on its way

The Cadillac V series was founded in 2003 and is a line of high-performance vehicles tuned by the General Motors Performance Division for Cadillac It was designed to directly compete with German performance badged rivals such as BMW M and Mercedes AMG models. The first-ever V series model was the 2004 Cadillac CTS-V then the […]

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The Best Car Flicks Of All Time: Most influential

We’re going to be compiling a list of the best car flicks of all time, but first we’ll make a pit stop and start off with a list of the most influential car flicks.  These may not have made the highest gross or gotten the best ratings, but they left a special mark on the […]

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A storm Is Coming Spring 2022: Ford Lightning

Ford has held the crown as America’s best-selling vehicle for 40 years in a row and Ford isn’t looking to lose the crown anytime soon. Ford’s newly revealed Lighting nameplate has made a comeback and Production for the F-150 Lightning will begin in spring 2022. This will be the third time that Ford has used […]

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Affordable Double Din Radio’s For The 2021 Holidays

With the Holidays coming upon us we realized some of our head units at FastMint needing to be upgraded. We got together to find some great affordable Double Din Head Units to spice up your daily commute. FastMint has chosen some great Headunits with all the features at an offordable price.  Kenwood DMX125BT  $299.99 If […]

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Toyota MR2 Is set to return

$52,000(est) Toyota once had an amazing lineup of fun cars to drive, but slowly chose to go down an alternative route due to declining sports cars sales and noticeably increasing sales in fuel efficiency orientated vehicles. Once home to the Legendary 90’s MR2 turbo, Celica GT-four, Supra Celica. These cars have become iconic amongst car […]

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Kemah Boardwalk Mustang Car Show 9/18/22 Part 3

As we finally wrap up Part 3 of the Kemah boardwalk Mustang Car Show. FastMint wants to thank you for your support. The quality of cars continues to stay on par as parts 1 and 2. Every Mustang was individually beautiful in its own way. Each Mustang is the Canvas for each individual to express […]

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Kemah Boardwalk Mustang Car Show 9/18/22 Part 2

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Great Windows Tablets to tune your automobile with

I have been tuning cars since 2005 and it all started with HP tuners which is one of the best tuning software for Domestic vehicles and of course, back then everyone used bulky laptops that took up the passenger seat and if you had a passenger they became the designated holder rather they wanted to […]

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Great all-wheel-drive performance vehicles under 10k

All-wheel drive performance vehicles have slowly become very popular due to them being beneficial as compared to front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. As all-wheel-drive technology has advanced more and more people prefer having traction applied to all wheels for the best stability when it comes to extreme climates. Here is our list of great all-wheel-drive […]

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