December 5, 2022

Will it be enough to embarrass Toyota’s Supra?

If the power doesn’t blow you away, the price point will! leaked specs, pics, and details!

All I have to say is it’s ok for Toyota Supra owners to throw up in their mouths after you read this article because this New Nissan Z information I have for you is definitely going to make you sick! Codenamed the “Nissan 400z” before release, this car is now officially named “Nissan Z” throughout the world, with the exception of Japan where it still carries its original name, “Fairlady Z.” The Nissan Z is gonna blow its competition off the road with a phenomenal price point that will get any car enthusiast hot and bothered.

The 2022 Nissan Z will start at $34,995! That includes no options and excludes the destination fee. Before we get down to the specs, let’s talk about what makes the new Z different from the previous 370z. You may or may not be surprised that the new Z sits on basically the same chassis as the 370z. The chassis is modified and we will explain, but without getting technical you can almost say that this is a 370z with a body kit and a VR30 swapped motor. Now let’s get down to the differences. The new Z chassis has been revamped to have more aluminum, more bracing, and carbon fiber which helps keep weight down. This generation Z will only come in coupe form. It weighs in at 3,252 pounds–only 20lbs more than the 370Z. The Z will be available in three packages initially, with a Nismo Package to follow.

2021 Telluride

Type S Package –  adds Brembo brakes and thicker sway bars, better cooling, and more. 

(Additional $5,000 from MSRP)

Type T Package-  adds leather seats, power seats that are heated and cooled, adaptive cruise control, and a blind-spot monitor. 

(Additional $5,000 from MSRP)

ST package- combines both packages into one.

(additional $10,000)

A fully equipped 400Z will go for around $45k.

The Nissan Z will get the 400-horsepower version of the VR30DDTT V6 that’s currently in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sport. Nissan could have done real damage to Toyota simply by undercutting their Inline 6 Supra. Not satisfied with going for the gut, Nissan goes for the jugular by outperforming even the Toyota Supra 2.0 in price and power. The new Z starts $8,000 cheaper than the Supra 2.0 four-cylinder. Boom.

Nissan didn’t forget about its pure car enthusiast and blessed us with the option for a manual transmission. The new Z will come with the same six-speed manual that’s in the 370Z or a 9G-Tronic nine-speed torque-converter automatic that’s found in a Mercedes-Benz. All new Z’s will come with a digital dash, rear spoiler, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

If you’re waiting for the Ultimate Package, hold your horses because a Nismo version will be worth the wait. Typically, you’d expect upgrades to the body kit, exhaust, tune, custom seats, and some badges. But this is not your typical release. With this generation adding twin turbochargers to the new Z, we can expect a bump of maybe a hundred extra horsepower! And incredible handling. Gapplebees anyone? How do you feel about what you just read? Hey, Supra Owners, are you regretting your purchase?

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