December 5, 2022

The original Ford Bronco came out in 1965 and it stayed on the road for thirty-one years. The Bronco not only had a lengthy track record showcasing its abilities on the showroom floor. It also showcased its fleeing abilities on the television of many households with OJ Simpson behind the wheel of a 1993 white Bronco. It has been years, but still one of the most memorable chases with Ford’s Bronco being a huge part of that memory for most.  The Bronco has been retired since 1996, but after twenty-five years ford has finally decided to resurrect its name. 

The Ford Bronco Sport has only been out since November 2020 and already has a recall that could cause a major accident. Ford states out of the 13,170 Broncos sold 1,666 in the US, twenty-four in Canada, and two in Mexico have been recalled. This recall is due to the rear suspension modules possibly not being fully secured or even worse, not secured at all. All of this leaves me to think about how does this even happen in the first place.  

This type of recall could be enough to hurt the Bronco’s sales even though the Bronco Sport received mostly positive feedback from those that have had the opportunity of driving them. This could have consumers questioning the safety of these first-generation vehicles and give this new 4×4 compact sport utility vehicle some time to prove itself before going all-in on one. 

Loose or completely missing bolts in the rear will cause unstable and wandering suspension due to the components not being secured to the subframe. This could cause a major accident and even lead to death. Ford has been lucky so far and has reported they are not aware of any accidents or injuries related to this issue yet. Ford plans to correct this issue by setting a service date and make sure everything is in spec and secured. 

If you’re a risk-taker and still looking to buy a Ford Bronco Sport you can purchase one starting at $26,820

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