December 7, 2022

I have been tuning cars since 2005 and it all started with HP tuners which is one of the best tuning software for Domestic vehicles and of course, back then everyone used bulky laptops that took up the passenger seat and if you had a passenger they became the designated holder rather they wanted to or not. Fast forward to 2018 I started tinkering with some BMW inline-six motors and started using one of the best ultrabooks on the market and I actually loved not having a big bulky laptop, but I always wished there was a more compact way for running my tuning and logging software instead of having to bring my laptop everywhere. Well with the help of tablets evolving and some now coming with Microsoft Windows it has given us tuners a way to tune without having to carry around bulky laptops. I see a lot of people wondering what type of Windows tablets they can use so here are some great tablets you can use to tune with.  

Best high-end tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Screen size 12.3 inches

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is the best Microsoft tablet on the market and has been for years and this is great for tuning. It can be used in laptop mode where you can use an attachable keyboard to your tablet which makes it very versatile. It’s the priciest tablet on the list but with it rocking an 8th Generation Intel Core processor and the ability for all-day battery life you will definitely be able to fully replace your laptop.   

Best affordable tablet

Linx 12×64 

Screen size 12.5 inches

This brand isn’t well known, but it’s geared towards gaming, and when it comes to tuning that’s a good thing. It means it’s going to be responsive and not lag. The Linx 12×64 is a little over two pounds making it slightly heavier than other tablets its size but gives me a sense of it being more durable. The tablet comes with 32GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM, and an Intel x5 processor. If the 32GB of storage isn’t enough the memory is also expandable to 128GB.

Best compact tablet

NuVision 8-inch Full HD IPS Touchscreen Tablet PC

Screen size 8 inches

For the ones that want something a little smaller, I recommend the Nuvision 8 inch tablet. It has an Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core Processor that gives you Intel Burst Technology of up to 1.83 GHz and includes Intel HD Graphics. Some may be turned off by this only coming in silver and it’s a little pricey for an 8-inch tablet at slightly over $400 new, but when it comes to being a reliable compact tuning tablet you should definitely consider this tablet.

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