December 5, 2022

Honda and General Motors have had a partnership for quite some time and in September of 2020, they decided to form a North American Auto Alliance. This alliance is a focus on production efficiency, self-driving, and battery technology development. This alliance consists of purchasing, research and development, and integrating services like Onstar into both automotive companies’ vehicles. This particular agreement slowly started coming about in April with GM agreed to help Honda develop two new electric vehicles that will utilize GM’s Ultim Batteries which is not set to debut until 2024. Honda plans on using GM’s chassis and electric propulsion system while it designs the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Honda and General Motors have been co-developing hydrogen cells together since 2013. Honda also had three billion dollars invested in GM’s self-driving technology so it made sense for Honda and General Motors to go all-in and decided to sign a memo of understanding. This means they have the intention of forming a North American Auto Alliance that will include a range of vehicles that would be sold under both brands. This means similar platforms will eventually use the same chassis and parts between both automotive companies. This is similar to the Toyota Supra and BMW  Z4. They look different and are branded to their respected automaker, but share the same chassis which includes motor and transmission.

This isn’t a written contract, but more of a gentlemen’s agreement that they will help each other out and grow together, by utilizing Honda and GM technology which in the long term helps save both companies money. They will be developing electric vehicles, internal combustion engines, and more starting next year. Both companies will benefit from a reduction in production cost, but other than that with the information FastMint has gathered it seems like Honda is getting more out of the deal. The two companies haven’t broken down what is truly going to happen with this agreement, but I’m going to go out on a limb and think GM may get variations of Honda motors and transmissions. That may mean that we may get V-tech technology as well as Hondas smaller displacement turbocharged motors. All of these possibilities probably has many people thinking will Honda ever use the LT motor’s out of the Corvettes as well as a rear-wheel-drive platform like it once had. I guess we will eventually find out.

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