December 5, 2022

Kemah Boardwalk Mustang Car Show Original Shelby Cobra 427 9/18/22

Produced from 1965–1967 The Cobra 427 is considered to be the most iconic American sports car. Powered by a Ford 7.0L FE engine and equipped with two types of motors. One motor produces 425 hp at 6,000 rpm and 480 lb-ft at 3700 rpm and provided a top speed of 164 mph in the standard […]

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Kemah Boardwalk Mustang Car Show 9/18/22 Part 1

Today FastMint is pleased to give you the Kemah Boardwalk Ford Mustang Car Show which was held in Kemah Texas. Almost all generations of Mustangs were here for everyone to view. From basic Mustangs to original Shelby Cobras and everything in between. We are going to break this event down into parts due to the […]

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Introducing the Shelby Super Snake Speedster

The Ford Mustang has typically trailed behind the Chevy Camaro performance-wise for many generations in my opinion, but within the last generation, I would safely say Ford came out swinging with this Mustang chassis-built to reign supreme over all others. The Shelby Super Snake is similar to Rocky Balboa. At first glance, It may look […]

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