December 5, 2022

Before I had the opportunity to drive the Tesla Model X P100D I had my own opinion about electric cars. With only owning sports cars throughout my life I will admit I was a typical motorhead with complaints like It doesn’t have a motor and basically has no soul. Sure the specs prove that from 0-60 It kept up with the fastest cars produced and my reasons for not respecting electric cars seemed to be biased. With all those positives I didn’t want to give the electric automobiles the credit that it deserves. Since it’s been a year later I’m here to announce that I have had a change of heart.

Being electric I was skeptical over it breaking down or be really buggy with all the new technology and sensors throughout the Model X. For most of the year, everything worked properly except for the front parking sensors. For about a month it seemed like they were malfunctioning every day when I would drive slow I would constantly get a false object detection warning which started getting annoying and nothing I did would make this sporadic fault go away. Tesla came out and did an update and I have never encountered any problems since. Besides the battery, I figured the falcon doors were going to give me problems just by how unique they are and I was very impressed with them and they always opened and closed properly. I had scheduled maintenance a couple of months ago and a Tesla technician drove out to my house. Tesla’s are connected 24/7 to their network and monitor all sensors so when something goes wrong they already know. I was amazed that I didn’t have any problems with the falcon doors, but when Tesla showed up at my door to perform an update they also told me that a falcon door needed to be adjusted slightly because it was off. After I received my update I noticed a new mode added called Ludacris Plus. it’s basically giving you even more performance than even Ludacris Mode but with the price of an even bigger battery drain over regular Ludacris. The updates are done pretty regularly mostly over the air and I love not having to waste an entire day at the dealership.

The interior has held up really well. All of the doors, seats, and center consoles still look great. The only complaint that I had was the front window guides seemed to have dried out which required lubrication. After the service was done I noticed the windows were better, but never have felt like they once did. The leather feels just like the day I got it and doesn’t show any signs of wear or tear and that’s with having a full tennis crew riding along and weekly sports activities. The battery was my biggest concern and after a year The Model X has held its battery capacity very well. I only charge to the recommended 90% to help save the battery from degrading and I haven’t seen any drop in charge capacity. The motors sound the same as the day I first received the Tesla and never started making any abnormal noises. All in all, I had a great experience and I learned to respect this advancement in automobiles. 

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