December 5, 2022


Toyota once had an amazing lineup of fun cars to drive, but slowly chose to go down an alternative route due to declining sports cars sales and noticeably increasing sales in fuel efficiency orientated vehicles. Once home to the Legendary 90’s MR2 turbo, Celica GT-four, Supra Celica. These cars have become iconic amongst car enthusiasts. Toyota has slowly been bringing sexy back by offering sportier cars like the GT86, GR Yaris (not being released in the US), and the Toyota Supra. 

The new Toyota MR2 has been given the green light, but it comes with a catch. Just like Toyota working with BMW to produce the Supra, and Subaru to produce the GT86. Toyota has gone with the same strategy to cut costs and decided to co-develop this time with Porsche and Lotus. Regardless of all the people that have hated Toyota due to them having joint ventures with other companies I leave you with this. Be happy that we have an opportunity to get these amazing cars even though they aren’t exactly what you wanted Regardless of who helped make the new Supra. The MK5 may not have the same 30-year-old power plant as the MK4 Supra (which no one should have expected anyway), but it has exceeded all expectations when it comes to performance numbers. With them being out only a few years there are many near 1,000hp and already achieving 8 second quarter miles. The only valid complaint is people wanted a manual version, but Toyota is set to make that a reality coming in 2023.     

the next-generation MR2 will be a plug-in hybrid combined with either a 2.9-liter or 3.0-liter V6 with an electric motor to produce a combined output of 345-395 hp. That would put it in the new Nissan Z territory, but with the advantage of having mid-engine characteristics.  If development goes according to plan, the new Toyota MR2 will launch in 2024 and will be looked at a step above the Toyota Supra. We have only one question, Toyota, may we please get some boost with this from the factory?

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